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October 2011 -  CodeIgniter PHP Framework
Klebos has been doing some intensive maintenance on a web application written in CodeIgniter. If you have such a website that needs some attention, give us a call.

read more about: CodeIgniter PHP Framework

September 2011 -  UML Deployment Diagrams
A recent project has generated a library of UML Deployment Diagram templates in PowerPoint.

read more about: UML Deployment Diagrams

August 2011 -  Vodaphone Roaming Internet
We have recent experience with a Smartphone offering a local WiFi node.

read more about: Vodaphone Roaming Internet

July 2011 -  Klebos is 10 years old !
A substantial age for an Internet company.

read more about: Klebos is 10 years old !

June 2011 -  64bit Windows7
Configuring Windows7 in a mature network

read more about: 64bit Windows7

May 2011 -  ARM laptops coming at last - via Apple ?
There are lots of rumours that the MacBook Air will be replaced with a version using the same chip as in in iPad, and 10-hour battery life.

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April 2011 -  Web testing using Selenium
Selenium is an open source project for testing web-pages automatically, and repeating those tests on all the different combinations of browsers and operating systems.

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March 2011 -  HTML5 for your forms -- yes really, we're serious
Within the past week, IE9, Firefox4 and Chrome have all had major updates. HTML5 has specific support for several different types of field found in forms.

read more about: HTML5 for your forms -- yes really, we're serious

February 2011 -  Nokia and HP: mobile OSs all change + Windows on ARM ?
Software engineers here in Cambridge who work on Symbian for Nokia are revising their CVs and looking for new work: possibly on WebOS for HP ?

read more about: Nokia and HP: mobile OSs all change + Windows on ARM ?

January 2011 -  Spambots attack
Cross-site scripting attacks and spambots posting garbage are now frequent and omnipresent.

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December 2010 -  HTML5 and CSS3
It's time to get serious with HTML5 - and remove all that TABLE formatting.

read more about: HTML5 and CSS3

November 2010 -  ARM smartbooks finally here
Nearly. The Toshiba AC100 is perhaps a near-miss, but ChromeOS smartbooks are expected in a month or so.

read more about: ARM smartbooks finally here

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