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December 2011  Troubled by spam in your web forms?
Klebos has been re-writing forms on several websites to use "session cookies" which completely removes this nuisance. We can offer a flat rate to do this for you.

We will modify your web form for a fixed price of 65+vat.

Web forms consist of two halves: the form you see on the screen and the back-end which processes the form and (usually) send out emails.

Web-spam works by sending spam data directly to the backend and bypassing the visible form.

We fix this by using PHP session cookies to ensure that only data which has been entered on the form is processed. All spam data coming directly to the backend is rejected.

If you are a Klebos customer still using Windows hosting, we will move your website to a more modern Linux server for free as part of the service.

[Fixed-price offer only applies to Klebos-hosted customers, but please ask us for a competitive quote if you are hosted elsewhere.]