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July 2012  Re-hosting Server Farm
Klebos uses a number of DNS and hosting services, but baseline service has been with Fasthosts since 2001. This is ending this year.

Over the next 12 weeks Klebos will be migrating webhosting, DNS registration, SMTP email and Exchange email away from Fasthosts to a wider portfolio of server providers. The reason is that the architecture and control panel revision at Fasthosts over the last year has made it less suitable for a company of Klebos's size and needs. In particular, after several months, it is clear that the new basic architecture has speed and transparency issues when dealing with clients DNS registration data: we can't see what we are doing directly, and it is too slow to experiment.

So over the rest of the year, as clients accounts come up for DNS renewal, we will be migrating them to Heart Internet (also based in the UK).

UPDATE: all domain name registration and nearly all website hosting has been moved across as of 20th Sept.2012. We have only the Exchange mailboxes and 7 websites to transfer now.