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August 2012  New Server Farm in Nottingham
The migration from Fasthosts to Heart Internet is progressing well, with only two unforeseen problems so far. Our home domain klebos.eu, and aliases, are now running on the new servers.

We have about 55 webpage contact forms hosted for various customers, and 40 of these still use Classic ASP for the form handlers. We have been upgrading the contact form handlers from ASP to PHP slowly over the years; while also increasing the security against misuse and against spambots.

Heart Internet provide Windows2008 servers with Classic ASP, but there was a nasty moment when we thought that they did not support the JMail ASP-plugin we use on the shared-hosting servers; fortunately they do, but do not advertise the fact.

The second issue - not so much a problem - is that Heart manage subdomains in a different way. Each subdomain is simply a mapping to a subdirectory of the hosting on the main domain. So subdomains are no longer completely distinct: they have to be running the same operating system, the CGI-BIN folder is common to them all, and the FTP access is common. This does not affect Klebos customers, but it does affect how we test software and roll-out trial configurations.

A final minor problem is that the priority between index.php and index.htm files is swapped, compared with our former hosting setup. So archaic index.php files which had never been deleted started causing problems on a couple of websites.