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November 2012  Exchange problems at HEART
Our hosted-Exchange accounts have given no end of trouble.

Be warned, hosted Exchange is no simple matter. The transfer of accounts from one server to another was bedevilled by Exchange and Outlook thinking that they knew better than we did, and insisting on cacheing data which we were explicitly changing. Also the "Autocomplete" in Outlook kept internal shortcuts which were garbage on the new servers: even when we deleted all accounts and rebuilt from scratch, Outlook "Autocomplete" still kept those "helpful shortcuts". Aargh.

Having managed the transfer and eventually getting everything working, including emails between hosted accounts, the Exchange service at HEART has been very unreliable: with complete hangs of all hosted accounts happening at the same time on several occasions.

Footnote: Heart are now (end of November) testing a replacement Exchange system. SO we are hoping that the service will improve markedly in December.