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April 2013  Exchange Online very satisfactory
Klebos has moved another domain's worth of Exchange accounts to Exchange Online.

Most website hosting companies offer a "hosted Exchange" service these days, at something like 60 a year per mailbox. But the reliability and speed is very variable between hosting companies: after all, managing an Exchange Server is something like penal servitude (which is why so many people want to move to a hosted service anyway).

Microsoft's globally-managed Exchange Online, however, is responsive and reliable. It is also cheaper than most hosting companies offerings, even under their reseller contracts. As part of the "365 Office" online system, the Exchange Online offering just works: and OWA is not just OWA (Outlook Web Access) as it also offers a great many other configuration and management functions which are not available from reseller companies. However, it is still more complex than the vast majority of end user organisations will be able to cope with on their own. Strongly recommended