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May 2013  Locked down computer? #2
Running your own software on a locked down Win 7 machine is not always impossible.

Although we had solved he editing problem using compilr etc, we couldn't run any software on the Win7 machines except for Excel VBA. The machines also prevented running any .bat or .cmd or .vbs files "by Group policy".

However, c:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe was still there, so we could create a console. But we still couldn't just execute a batch file. However IE had Java installed, so we could fire up java.exe and run .jar files.

Of course, we could also run stand-alone JavaScript files in .html files; but they had no access to the local filesystem.

Finally, we discovered that the .NET executables were in place, so with the corrent path, we could run jsc.exe and hence compile .js files, but unfortunately we could not run the compiled .exe files. Never mind, Java is a good option.

So: it's not always impossible. Just persevere.