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FP Web Systems Survey  
Web-based software is used by many existing Framework 6 research projects to organise formal reporting, formal communication and administration; it will usually be required for FP7 projects of any size.

There are at least 9 different ways of doing it:
  1. No specific software: manual paper-based filing and email only.
  2. Commercial web software specifically developed for FP and supported by the developer and reseller
  3. Generic commercial web software adapted for FP by the reseller.
  4. Generic commercial web software supported by reseller but adapted and configured for FP6 by in-house project staff
  5. Complete suite of FP web software written and supported by in-house staff.
  6. Generic open source web software downloaded, modified, configured for FP6 and supported by in-house staff.
  7. Generic open source web software modified for FP provided and supported by a commercial consultancy.
  8. Open source web software specifically developed for FP administration [does not exist, or has not been discovered yet]
  9. Standard website only, all content and pages uploaded by web developer using website construction tools. Some folders password-protected to limit access.

This survey describes the approach to web-based administration taken by FP5 and FP6 projects of several types: Specific Targeted Research Project, Integrated Project, Network of Excellence etc. The report concentrates on software supporting the administration and dissemination of results...

To read more - order the report. Copies available for €60, online payment accepted.
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