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Case Studies:  

- Solution: ScanRaider

Labhoo.com "the scientist search facility", required a fast industry specific search facility that would 'spider' through a specific list of web site addresses and index all content. The requirements were that the search facility needed to be tailored to the need of the typical user (scientist) and not provide a generic list like search engines such as Yahoo and Google. Specific data collections were required such as web spidering and email trawling to obtain 20,000 industry specific websites. The search facility needed to include an automated system to allow companies to sponsor 'key-words' with payment through an automated credit card facility. The administration area needed to included verification areas to proof new submissions and allow the addition and removal of URL's from subsequent indexing sessions. To ensure complete scaleablity the solution required high speed hosting with backbone bandwidth.

Customer Opinion: " ScanRaider performs the function perfectly and has made Labhoo.com the definitive search engine for the Laboratory Industry"
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