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Vision: Order from Chaos...
The world wide web offers an unprecedented opportunity to unlock the world's information resources and make them available to all people. Navigation through these oceans of information is not easy. If you don't know the address of where the information you seek is, then the only option is to use a generic search engine such as Yahoo or Alta Vista. These powerful search facilities will valiantly seek out your required 'phrase' throughout the web and provide a plethora of likely pages and sites of interest.

The only weakness of generic search engines is their inability to differentiate between what is relevant or irrelevant to you. Klebos develops software dedicated to the creation, development and mangement of focused, 'Industry Specific' search engines.

The world-wide-web is not the only scenario where retrieval of specific information becomes problematic. Many companies and organisations are now discovering the advantages of Intranets (within the company) and Extranets (extending outside the company). The power of liberating an organisation's information repository and sharing this accross departments, partners and distributors is not only the first step toward true B2B ecommerce but also one of the few initiatives that can bring immediate rewards and cost savings.

Searching and filing information within an Intranet or Extranet invironment requires software that is flexible enough to relate to your industries requirements. Klebos provides Intranet and Extranet solutions powered by our proprietary 'ScanRaider' search technology.
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