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Company Formations
Klebos can help you form a UK limited company, and can advise you on whether you should or not.

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Forming a Limited Company

Klebos helps start-up companies to get going, including creating companies and deciding who should be a director and who should own shares, whether you should be VAT registered and which accounting package you need.

Company formation

This includes all the official things you need: the "statutory books", including the minutes of the first board meeting where we hand everything over to you. We make a point of providing documents in machine-readable form rather than just on paper - although some paper is still part of the process.

We can also advise on opening a bank account and a credit card account — necessary today if you need to buy things over the Internet — where you might be able to raise money from investors.

If you are in the Cambridge area, we will take you to a pub and introduce you to our friends who have started new companies recently, and you can hear their stories first-hand.

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