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Web Hosting and Email
Klebos manages package and bespoke web hosting concentrating on two types of customer
(a) simple packaged services for start-up companies, and
(b) complex configurations of multiple domain names, redundant email servers, separate web- and email-hosting and domain name recovery.

Klebos helps start-up companies in the Cambridge cluster to get started, and has a number of special webhosting packages with university restrictions.

Managed for you...

Safe and secure.

Web Hosting - Annual Prices

Klebos helps ordinary companies who don't want to be bothered with the complexities of managing their website and email.

Klebos looks after all the problems with domain names that go missing, websites that go off-line and missing email accounts.

Klebos invoices for services like any other ordinary business and there is no need for a credit card or to pay up front.

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Cambridge/Start-Up rate
£25+vat initially


Website/hosting/domain-name/FTP/email-hosting/control panel/webmail 

Website hosting, full-service, redundant email, non-package 
Email forwarding only forwards email using up to 3 names, plus the "catch all" address. Complete email hosting allows an unlimited number of email addresses, auto-reply facilities, multiple email copying to several addresses, and hosted postboxes. It includes a control panel so that you can configure everything yourself, and also change your own FTP password.


£25 Webhosting, email forwarding [Cambridge start-up]
£67 Webhosting, email forwarding
£87 Webhosting, email hosting & control panel
£355 Webhosting, full service, non-package
£70 MS Outlook mailbox with complete Exchange capabilities for a single email address and a full copy of Outlook included. Try it out at £7 a month.
£20 Advanced world-wide roaming SMTP email sending service; virus and spam filtered mailbox.
£40 Another website, email forwarding on existing account
£75 Another website, email hosting on existing account

Advanced Email Mailbox: 1 GB. Klebos provides virus and anti-spam protection for an Advanced mailbox for a flat fee of £20+vat a year per mailbox. If you forward email to a virus-filtered and spam-filtered mailbox, then it gets filtered wherever you forward it from. So if you have any alias domain names, you only pay once for the mailbox in the domain they alias to, e.g. klebos.co.uk and klebos.net are aliases for klebos.com.

MS Outlook Email Mailbox: 2 GB Klebos provides full Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 mailboxes and collaboration tools suitable even if you only have one or two users, or fifty. Each mailbox also comes with a free copy of Outlook 2007. This is ideal for independent consultants or a tiny company who want to use the same facilities enjoyed by large companies with an internal IT support department.

Microsoft Exchange 2003 mailboxes include collaborative, workgroup functionality of MS Outlook including calendars, tasks, contacts, notes, shared folders and contacts plus virus scanning, and spam filtering. This hosted service takes care of all the security updates and server maintenance for you.

Microsoft Exchange 2003 mailboxes are also accessible via Outlook Web Access (OWA) from any browser and via mobile devices like PDAs and Smartphones, with ActiveSync. When you want to have your own Exchange server, or move to a non-server standalone Outlook system (with no shared facilties), you can simply download everything as a .pst file.

Statistics  are £20+vat per website.

Webmail is available as standard on all mailboxes.

All prices are per 12 months, and before adding VAT.

Our Cambridge start-up rate is available to individuals or groups starting up a venture in Cambridge. The price starts at £25 and increases by £10 a year and then by £15 a year until it reaches the standard rates. We expect the start-up to be a member of CHASE or The Cambridge Network or similar community group.  

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Additional domains for the same customer
second completely independent  second name/DNS/website/email-forwarding is £40+vat and second site/email-hosting/control-panel is £75+vat including registration, again on the condition that we do the whole thing and that the name is managed by our registrar. This is another virtual server, on a different physical machine but in the same server farm.

Second and later names/DNS are really cheap: £10 for a .uk and £20 for a .com if we do the whole deal (registrar+DNS) because that is less work for us. That includes aliasing to the existing website if wanted. If you want to use your own registrar and have us do just the DNS then we charge £78  flat rate because of the extra work involved. We have done this many times, and on average, there is extra work for us we find. If we transfer the registration to our registrar, then that is included in the £10 (£20).

Included is an extra FTP account which goes to both website files in a single logon (as well as the standard individual FTP for each website). We can also do extra FTP accounts which go to specific subdirectories only (restricted access); these use links which some FTP software can't handle.

Payment terms For these additional website prices, the entire annual payment for all domains and services to the customer needs to be covered by one invoice. Typically, we give credit for the unused months for a pre-existing domain and services, and issue a new invoice covering all services for the next 12 months.

By agreement, non-package hosting can be paid 6-monthly with a 10% surcharge.

Terms and Conditons are online at www.klebos.com/terms/ .

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Klebos offers hosting on Linux machines and Windows 2000/3 webhosting. Linux hosting comes with MySQL database and PHP scripting capabilities:

MySQL is suitable for large databases, and is non-proprietary, Open Source software, like Linux. (This costs £58+vat extra for a 150MB database).

If you are already a customer, and would like an additional website on Linux, then we can set up a sub-domain on your existing website for £15+vat. For example, if your website is http://www.myname.co.uk we would set up http://mylinux.myname.co.uk (or whatever name you like); which would also be accessible as www.mylinux.myname.co.uk

Reminder: you can use perl scripting on both Windows and Linux hosted websites.

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Your systems administrator is advised to report all new spam to http://spamcop.net/ for free. The more people that do this, the more spammers get shut down by their ISPs and we all benefit.

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