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What is an Extranet?
An Extranet is an 'Information Library' (website) that is password protected and access only given to specific persons and organisations e.g. internal personnel, distributors, key clients and suppliers.

All content is added through a simple on-line administration area. Each member of an extranet has access rights to view specific information.

Managed by you...

Controlled by you!
K-net Extranet incorporates many interactive additions that will evolve your existing web site to make your site more than just pretty pictures...and instead become a time-saving and informative resource!

The design of each component has been carefully developed to allow seamless incorporation in to your existing web site through simple links from your home-page or index page. All extranet hosting and technical support is provided by Klebos without interfering with your exisiting site. All content managment can be easily maintained by you without incuring additional costs or third party intervention. With most configurations of K-net Extranet, staff and members can easily post Documents. Anything from EXCEL to WORD through to Web-Links, important contacts, Notices, Charts and Rotas; can be uploaded quickly and simply.

As your company grows, K-net Extranet grows with it. Folders can be added for specific offices or departments, empowering them with their own space to post Documents. You may even wish to upload your Company Handbook or Canteen Menu to its own Folder.

Using details stored in the K-net Extranet database, the Mailer facility allows an administrator to send global e-mail to all K-net Extranet users.

Each user is assigned to one of four access rights groups1. Documents and Folders can be hidden from certain users by setting their access rights group. These are shown in the Access column on the right of the K-net Extranet page.


Latest News and Exhibitions Component   Allows you to add/delete latest news and events live and even incorporates a news 'scroll' on your index page.
Distributor Network Component   Allows easy maintenance of your distributor list 'live' on the website, including a search facility and clickable world map.
Extranet Component   'Build-as-you like' a password protected library of information for your distributors and customers to access through their own passwords. Articles, WORD, EXCEL and many other document formats can be filed in an organised tierd structure. Each distributor can be allocated an access level to specific information.
Jobs Component   Self-manage a jobs section to ensure up to the minute vacancies are displayed on your website immediatly.
Service Tracking Component   Designed for manufacturing and Service organisations, this component allows you to log received units, generate email quotations and request for authoriation to reapir. additionally, distributors can access the status of repair for their equipment through their unique password.
Software Download Component   Designed to allow customers and distributors to download from your web site demo and full software packages. Contact details of each customer downloading software are compiled and easily analysed.
Discussion Group Component   This Chat Group allows customers and or Distributors to discuss topics relevant to your products and services. The Discussion can be 'mediated' by you or open to public.The 'mediated' version ensures that no information is posted without being authorised by you, this is achieved through a holding area facility.
Search Facility Component   Allows complete searching of both your website and extranet using key words and phrases. Any search will only provide results appropriate to the authorisation level provided to the user, i.e. customer, distributor, employee, administrator.
Sales Lead & Enquiry Tracker   Staying on top of enquiries and complaints is simple with Enquiry Tracker, a customer support tool that manages communications posted from forms on your web site.
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