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What is a ProjectNet?
A ProjectNet is a type of Extranet for collaborative research projects. It is an 'Information Library' (website) that is password protected and where access is only given to specific persons and organisations e.g. your own researchers and staff, partner organisations, government officials and subcontractors.

All content is added through a simple on-line administration area. Each member of a ProjectNet extranet has access rights to view specific information.

A ProjectNet is a web tool to help run the project; it includes admin web pages used to configure and manage the web tool itself.

Managed by you...

Controlled by you!
K-net ProjectNet is used to coordinate an international team of researchers. K-net ProjectNet incorporates many administrative additions that will add to your existing research project web site.

Klebos K-net is available as a supported, hosted service at a fixed price of €3,000 a year, with no setup charge.

The ProjectNet is more than just pretty pictures and information dissemination ...instead it is a time-saving and powerful administrative resource.

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As your project develops, K-net ProjectNet grows with it. Folders can be added for new tasks, deliverables or additional partners, empowering them with their own space to post Documents. You may wish to upload your collaboration agreement and intellectual property agreements to their own Folders.

Each registered user is assigned to one of four access rights groups. Documents and Folders can be hidden from certain users by setting their access rights group. These are shown in the Access column (e.g. G1, G3*) on the right of the K-net ProjectNet page (click on picture for larger image).

Using details stored in the K-net ProjectNet database, the Mailer facility allows an administrator to send e-mail to all K-net ProjectNet users: either globally or selectively.

The design of each component has been carefully developed to allow seamless incorporation in to your existing web site through simple links from your home-page or index page. All ProjectNet hosting and technical support is provided by Klebos without interfering with your exisiting site. All content managment can be easily maintained by you without incuring additional costs or third party intervention. With most configurations of K-net ProjectNet, staff and partners can easily post Documents. Anything from EXCEL or WORD through to Web-Links, important contacts, Meeting Notices, Schedule Charts and Report form templates; can be uploaded quickly and simply.

To learn more, send us a question.

Ask us for a copy of our report "Collaborative Web Tools for EU Framework Projects" which reviews 34 different packages classified as 9 major types. This is invaluable for planning a web tools acquisition strategy.

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