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Scanraider is the result of over 2 years research and development and involved some the most talented programers in the industry! FreeRaider Search box to incorporate in sites no larger than 100 pages.

Simply send us your web site address and we will send you the search box to put in your web site...leave the searching to ScanRaider...hassle free..all in 72 hours.
Offers a Search facility ideally suited to larger sites consisting of complex cross server structures and multiple URL's. Upper limit on search hosting capacity up to 200MB of text!
FOCUSED Industry Specific Search Engines

"is one of the fastest and flexible search facilities available, allowing rapid key word and phrase searching, making Labhoo the definitive Life-Science search engine" Mrs.D.Kitching Chairman Labhoo.com
Simply send us your web site address or list of URL's requiring indexing and we will send you the enhanced search box specific for your site and enable extended multi domain search facilities.
ProRaider....$1500 setup
+ $600/year hosting
CustomRaider.... Lets Talk
FreeRaider: Techne(Cambridge)Ltd.
Manufacturer of Biotechnology equipment, ScanRaider provides a fast single site search, updated daily, automatically by ScanRaider.
CustomRaider: Labhoo.com
Industry Specific Search facility indexing daily thousands of Life Science related web sites. Providing scientists with a subject sensitive fast search engine.
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